Your Session

Sessions are completely tailored to your individual wants, needs and body but will generally be a unique mix of Pilates and Supple Strength providing a full body workout personalised for you whether you want to rebuild and realign after injury, prepare for a ski/snow/surf holiday, improve your sporting or dance performance, stabilise hypermobile joints or to condition and shape your body. Here are some examples of what we can work on:

  • Tone and sculpt your body to elongate muscular structure of the legs and arms, build abdominal muscle tone, firm up and sculpt your back and butt to build the foundations for an elegant shape akin to a ballerina’s body.
  • Improve posture, body confidence and back health while cultivating healthy alignment.
  • Build a strong core to make everyday activities easier and improve sports performance.
  • Injury avoidance and restoring balance.
  • Develop mind body connection and build relaxation into your routine to feel rejuvenated and replenished.
  • Develop muscular strength and flexibility to support healthy joints and increase freedom of movement.
  • Reduce stress levels and tension held in the body and enhance balance and coordination.

During your consultation I listen to your goals, lifestyle and challenges, then we discuss and create a tailored plan for your sessions. My philosophy is that no two bodies are the same and in order to achieve safe, long lasting results with an enjoyable journey, exercise must specifically target the individual.  Together we devise a routine that will fit into your life.  I can teach you how to make lifestyle changes so you can be more confident and comfortable in your body without feeling that you are depriving yourself – my motto is ‘nourish not punish’.

Using balletic principals in a form that non-dancers can understand I impart an instinctive knowledge of movement helping you to understand your own body and everyday movement patterns so that you can develop a responsive body with intelligent reflexes; these small actions which over time can equal big changes in your body.  I invest my full attention and energy into your well-being and success and take great pleasure motivating people towards their own ideals in calm sessions that leave you feeling balanced and energised. We work at a pace right for you in the peaceful and convenient setting of your own home.

Please wear suitable clothing. I recommend leggings and a fitted top so that the lines of your body are visible.  As the workout will increase your body temperature, it is advisable to wear multiple layers and have water to hand.  

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