Helen – Freelance Producer

I’ve worked with a few different personal trainers in the past and have found there can be a bit of a ‘one size fits all’ approach. What I like about Felicity is that she puts a lot of thought into the individual and to what you want to achieve and then really listens to feedback. I’ve recently suffered with an injury and Felicity has really helped me get back in shape slowly and steadily by working carefully in our sessions and also giving me a programme of daily exercises and stretches to work on independently. She will ask how I’m feeling at the beginning of each session and adapt the exercises accordingly. I’m getting stronger and fitter and have learnt a lot about my body and exercise in general.

Jemma Jones – Parent & Business Owner

I have been lucky enough to be one of Felicity’s students for a year and a half. I have a degree of hypermobility and have struggled my whole life to find exercise which does not result in injury. At the time I reached out to Felicity, I had daily back pain and was visiting Osteopaths weekly to try and manage this and other physical aches. Thanks to Felicity’s help, I am now pain free and I feel stronger than I have ever been. I have the knowledge and tools to manage my body well, and I am very much enjoying gaining more strength and awareness with each 1 to 1 zoom lesson. Felicity is extremely knowledgeable, patient, kind and reliable. I really cannot recommend her highly enough, especially to anyone who has felt at a loss for how to safely build strength and stability.

Gabriela Degwitz – Artist

Felicity is incredibly knowledgeable and creative with her approach to training. She takes the time to not only listen to her clients’ individual needs, but also understand where we can improve our strength or mobility through careful observation of our performance (even in an online class!). Felicity’s exercise repertory is impressive and varied enough that I am certain she can design a fitness program to suit all tastes. Every session feels fresh and original and I always leave the class feeling better both physically and mentally. I had been doing pilates and yoga for some time, but it’s only now after training with Felicity that I really feel I understand the mechanics of the exercises and have noticed improved results in my body. She does a great job of clearly explaining how each movement should feel and helping us visualise what areas to focus on when performing each exercise. In addition to her online private classes, I am also a big fan of her shorter pop-up online group classes and her archive of pre-recorded sessions on the website: they compliment the weekly private sessions very well and perk up my weekly exercise routine. I am grateful to have Felicity in my life!

Mark – Lawyer

Felicity takes her coaching incredibly seriously and takes a very individual approach, altering her approach when required to adapt to injuries and new goals. I have learned a lot working with Felicity which I can apply across a range of sport and exercise. I very much enjoy the sense of freedom and flexibility in my joints following our classes. Felicity’s strength is her perception and close attention to detail which gives her an ability to see what is going on with movement – even across zoom. I would very much recommend training with Felicity.

Gaby Richards – PR Director

“I love my weekly Pilates class with Felicity. Each session is incredibly well planned to ensure a range of strengthening, toning and stretch. Felicity is really compassionate and a great motivator – and her knowledge of the human body is amazing. I’m hugely grateful for all her support and I feel stronger and healthier than I’ve felt for ages!”

Sarah Harper – Executive Coach

“Felicity is an incredibly conscientious and caring teacher.  She plans out each lesson ahead of time with a lot of thought into which areas of the body need work that week or which areas to treat gently if there had been a minor injury.  She is incredibly knowledgeable about the body and how it works so often peppers our lesson with tit-bits and hints about how to look after this or solve that.  And to add to all of this she makes an effort to get to know us as clients and always asks about what is going on in our personal lives which helps make it more enjoyable.’”

Barbie Simpson – PR Director

“I had been told that core strength would greatly improve my back and mobility for years. Pilates has been recommended to me by countless doctors and healthcare professionals and after training with Felicity for the past six months I can see great improvements. Her patience, knowledge and belief in her clients is second to none”. 

Angela – Retired

“Felicity takes great trouble with the sessions and has a different lesson plan each time. She is always aware of my physical state and adapts to any changes I might tell her about. She has devised a good balance of muscle toning and strengthening exercises together with relaxing and calming techniques. She is a charming person, very easy to get on with and clearly very expert and knowledgeable. During lockdown she has gone to great trouble to produce short videos tailor-made for me and has continued planning a varied exercise programme for me to follow.”

Sara Fulton – Textile Artist

“I started lessons with Felicity via zoom over lockdown, I spend long periods of time bent over a sewing machine and in awkward positions so I was keen to improve my posture as well as overall strength and fitness. Felicity put me at ease with her caring approach explaining what we would focus on and why this would be beneficial. She has an expert knowledge of the human body and is mindful of individual strengths and weaknesses. She pays close attention to each exercise making sure you are performing them safely and working the desired muscles. I was able to fully put my trust in her; I feel stronger and fitter and my posture has improved dramatically, I am no longer dealing with the same discomfort in my neck, shoulders and spine. The classes have provided me with knowledge and expert advice I have managed to incorporate into everyday life, I honestly can’t say enough”.

Margaret Cody – Accountant

“It’s been such a pleasure to work with Felicity.  I was sitting at a desk for too long every day and wanted to get more mobile and stronger but could not physically or mentally face a gym.  Felicity took the time to understand my goals and my current work and life situation.  Felicity and her method of sharing Pilates has helped me regain strength, has healed me through an injury and has made me calmer and less stressed.  Felicity’s calm confident teaching and her warmth and sense of humour make her a great person to lead you in Pilates practise”.

Nadeem Syed – Chief Executive Officer

“Felicity is a great trainer. She is incredibly conscientious and comes well-prepared to each session with an updated lesson plan that not only factors in my personal needs but factors in progress from prior sessions. She is very knowledgeable about technique and form, and pays a lot of attention to detail constantly recommending minor corrections during sessions to ensure that I get the most out of them. I had a back injury and she was able to adapt my training plan to help in my recovery.  I have seen a marked improvement in my posture and flexibility since I have started working with her”.

Naomi Bellingham – Editor

“A few months into training with Felicity I was diagnosed with a chronic health condition.  Felicity has gone above and beyond in providing support and encouragement during a testing time.  Every session is tailored to suit me and help me achieve my goals and Felicity’s expertise and careful attention means that I know I am in safe hands.  I have noticed a vast improvement in body tone and strength as well as in balance, stability and mobility.  Felicity is unfailingly kind and encouraging and sessions are fun as well as effective.”

Beth Corner – Interior Designer

“Felicity was fantastic.  As well as tightening the right muscles and reminding my body how to both look and perform it’s best, she was so lovely and down to earth that I didn’t notice the effort I was putting in, or how often I was professionally realigned or slightly moved to get the ultimate muscle workout.  After each session she left me invigorated, full of energy, an inch taller with a great sense of wellbeing….and with much tighter ‘buns’! I highly recommend.”

Emma Beechey – Full Time Mum

“I am a runner and was both new to Pilates and had a previous running injury to look after, Felicity created a comfortable safe environment to learn and develop at my own pace. Her vast knowledge of the moving body and attention to detail helped guide me to work safely and yet achieve results quickly, I noticed my alignment in running improve and my body grew stronger and firmer.”

Emma Broughton – Paediatric Nurse

“As a nurse who is constantly on my feet, I have wanted to improve my strength, posture and overall tone for some time now.  Felicity’s bespoke training gently eased me into a place where all of the above was achievable.  Her expertise immediately provided me with awareness of my posture and how to adjust and improve the way I hold myself on a day to day basis.  She helped me discover strength and balance that I was unaware I possessed as well as leaving me feeling energised and focused with her calm and intuitive approach to training.”